At Big Tree Dental & Implant Care, We value our patients' experience. Read below what our happy clients say about us!

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • "Everyone is really nice, from the receptionist to the doctor. The wait to see the doctor was not long. The doctor came in and spoke to me while checking my mouth. The dental hygienist was amazing...
    Will definitely return!!!"
    Ish J-L
  • "He is the best dentist, beautiful work! He does amazing veneers, he can make your teeth beautiful while saving them. He’s kind gentle pain-free and his price is low so normal people can have great dental care. I cannot express how thankful I am to have found him.
    Grateful patient, Melissa
    P.S and his staff and dental assistant is so knowledgeable and honest and kind. A plus!!!"
    Melissa S.
  • "Nothing worse than being out of town, and having your crown came off?! After 9 phone calls later (Using GPS to locate the nearest dentist), none of the offices would take me in with this crisis... 😲 Finally, Big Tree Dental came through, politely said "Sure, we understand. We'll fit you in asap!" And exactly just that, they got me right in. The Assistant & the Dentist were as honest as can be, fixed me up, quite detailed and attentive, and I didn't get ripped off not were taken advantage of at all, like most of us would expect to, right?!

    The most shocking part was getting a follow up a week later to make sure I was alright. Really?! W-O-W....!!!"
    Jonathan N.
  • "I had a sudden dental emergency. They couldn't see me right away because they are not that kind of place, The office staff gave me the earliest appt they could and some pointers on how to deal with things until I could be seen.
    I arrived for my appt and was seen right away. The nice lady who took my xrays was very fast and thorough. The dentist was amazing. He extracted the tooth at my request even though it had a vertical fracture. I couldn't take it anymore, and even though he advised an oral surgeon due to the risk of the tooth splitting, he did a fine job of gently getting that stubborn molar out. I have had no issues since, having been given great instruction on how to avoid a dry socket. FINE job and kudos. Go here for dental issues. Seriously..."
    Joseph W.
  • "On June 26th I had my first appt with Dr Murphy for a consult on a lot of pain I had on a couple teeth, (What was left of them). I was taken right into the back right after I filled out my paperwork. Dr Murphy's Asst. who was very nice took x-rays and asked a few questions and within 5 minutes Dr. Murphy completed an exam. He explained my options at which time I chose to have both teeth extracted.
    The very next day I was back in there to get the work done even though he had no appointment available, he made room for me. He would have done it the day before but since I had knee replacement surgery 2 years ago I needed to take a large dose of antibiotics first. (1/2)"
    Michael N.
  • "I'll be honest, I'm terrified of dentists. I had braces as a kid and a lot of extractions that were not very comfortable but I'll tell you what, Dr Murphy removed 2 molars and 1 was impacted in my gums, I was amazed how comfortable the procedure was, his "chairside" manor was like no other. I felt no pain while in that chair and that's a first and afterwards the recovery was not bad either I only took a couple Tylenol and that was it. In other words he did not destroy my mouth removing those teeth. Dr Murphy and his staff are a credit to their professions, In all my years (56) I have never came across any better. I don't write many reviews but this review is very well earned and deserved. I you need to see a dentist, who is also very affordable I forgot that. Do yourself a favor and call Dr Murphy's office, you'll be glad you did. (2/2)"
    Michael N.

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